Astrofire takes its inspiration from space and the atomic age. This retro-futuristic fireplace comes with some very cool finishes including sweeping mid-century legs, and its name "Astrofire" cut out around its interior rim and backed with a stylish circular mesh. The interior rim can also be filled with decorative rocks or fireglass, if desired.

Propane or natural gas model has a 125,000 BTU stainless star or dual ring burner depending on availability. Propane fueled Astrofires come with a 10ft hose, regulator and adjustable needle valve to articulate gas flow. If you are purchasing a Propane model, be sure to consider our Modpod . It stylishly hides your fuel tank and doubles as a side table.

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Astrofire - Cayenne

  • 34" diameter
  • 17" tall
  • 22" wide firebox for burning full size logs
  • Colors: Avocado, Cayenne, Charcoal, Lake, Snow, Tangerine, Turquoise
  • Fuel types: Natural Gas, Propane, or Wood Burning