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Timeless, Contemporary, Classic, Designs in Outdoor Furniture and Much More.

Client Focus

We take the time to understand our clients' needs. Our customer service is unsurpassed . We pride ourselves on product knowledge and the ability to make our client’s dreams a reality. We focus on design, durability and comfort while creating an individual look for every project.


Every property is unique ,and we keep that in mind throughout the planning and design stages. Our ability to act quickly and work "Outside of the Box" has been our greatest asset when creating exciting spaces.

Our Market

We provide high-quality outdoor furniture for Hospitality, Multi-Family, Senior Living, Restaurants, and Commercial Spaces. We work with many ownership groups and developers in branding their properties from the ground up.


We work with a variety of well-known factories and artists in the U.S. and abroad, offering creative designs in furniture and accessories.

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Special Services

It’s not always easy to keep outdoor furniture pristine and ready for guests. Patio furniture puts up with a lot. Not only is it outside all day where it’s exposed to dirt and susceptible to fading from sunlight, but your patio furniture also faces peril in the form of spilled wine and food, too much greasy sunblock and more.

You can clean and maintain your outdoor furniture yourself or give a us a call.  In addition to designing and selling outdoor furniture and accessories, we clean, maintain, and refurbish outdoor and interior furnishings.

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