Our recycled plastics collections are perfect for commercial use as they are extremely durable and need little maintenance.

HDPE, high-density polyethylene, is a recycled plastic that provides a durable and attractive alternative to wood. HDPE will not rot, peel, blister or weather. It is naturally stain resistant and cleans with soap and water.

We add ultra-violet stabilized coloring agents during formulation, so the HDPE never needs painting and resists fading. Best or all, HDPE is made of 90 percent recycled milk and juice containers. Instead of sending these petroleum-based "Number 2" plastics to the landfill, we reuse them in high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime,

The Fuse Collection is created from a similar HDPE product called MGP or Marine Grade Polymer. Like HDPE material, MGP is also derived from post-consumer bottle waste, such as milk and detergent containers. The main difference is MGP is formed into large sheets, creating a smooth, uniform surface that is slightly heavier than HDPE lumber.

Other products are created from either high quality, batch-dyed fiberglass/polypropylene resins or 100% polypropylene. The resin used in the material process are from 100% recycled products.