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The Unity is made with premium-grade aluminum and stainless steel to provide you with an umbrella that stands up and stands out. Taking inspiration from nature, this umbrella is easy to open, looks stunning and works well to shade any outdoor setting. 

  • Manufactured from marine-grade aluminum
  • Exclusive stainless steel componentry
  • Heat treated to maximize structural strength
  • Modular cantilever shade that covers up to 386ft2
  • Mount up to 4 canopies off one mast

Built-in Rotation

The Unity can rotate 360° at every size and configuration. 

The Shadowlock system is activated via a push catch mechanism that deploys the Unity. From here you can rotate your umbrella with ease to follow the sun as it moves across the sky.

The base has 8 different locking positions for robust placement allocation. In addition to facilitating full rotation of the umbrella, the ShadowLock™ also features a clever security and fastening component to ensure your umbrella stays where you want it to. 


Gas-assisted, anti-gravity, easy lift.  Shadowlift is the most advanced umbrella deployment system in the industry.  Lift your world of shade with ease.

Using calculated geometry and expert engineering, the sliding mechanism works in complete harmony to open or close your umbrella in 5 seconds.

Integrated into the mast of the umbrella, Shadowlock is a functional solution to wind-protection and 360 degree umbrella rotation.

Anchors and Bases

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