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One of the best ways to keep fabrics looking good and to delay the need for deep or vigorous cleaning is to hose fabrics off on a monthly basis with clear water. This practice will help prevent dirt from becoming deeply embedded into the fabric and eliminate the need for more frequent vigorous cleaning. In most environments, a thorough cleaning will be needed every two to three years. When it's time for a thorough cleaning,  Fabrics can be cleaned while still on an awning frame, size permitting they can be removed for cleaning in a washing machine.

When cleaning fabrics, it is important to observe the following:

  • Always use mild soap i.e. Ivory Snow, Dreft or Woolite. Never detergent.
  • Water should be cold to lukewarm. Never more than 100 degrees.
  • Air dry only. Never apply heat to fabrics.

Click here for information on cleaning specific stains.

If you are cleaning fabric while still on the frame, follow these simple steps.

  • Brush off loose dirt.
  • Hose the awning down thoroughly.
  • Prepare a cleaning mixture of water and mild soap (no detergents).
  • Use a soft bristle brush to clean.
  • Allow soap to soak in.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Air dry.

If stubborn stains persist, you can use a diluted chlorine bleach/soap mixture for spot cleaning of mildew, roof run-off or other similar stains.

  • Prepare a special cleaning mixture:

    • Four ounces (half cup) of chlorine bleach.
    • Two ounces (one-fourth cup) of mild or natural soap.
    • One gallon of water.
    • Clean with soft bristle brush.
    • Allow mixture to soak in for up to 20 min.
    • Rinse thoroughly.
    • Air dry.
    • Repeat if necessary.

    If an awning cover is suitable in size for a washing machine, these steps should be followed:

    • Use only mild soaps. No detergent.
    • Wash and rinse in cold water.
    • Air dry. Never put fabrics in your dryer.

As part of the finishing process, fabrics are treated with a fluorocarbon finish, which enhances water repellency. This finish is designed to last for several years, but must be replenished after a thorough cleaning. Fabrics should be retreated after thorough cleaning or after five years of use.


Wash the straps and frames with a mild soap.  Use automotive wax such as Turtle or Rally Wax on the frames to protect them and keep them looking new.  Spray your cushions, umbrellas and slings off with water and use a mild soap on stains as needed.


Table Tops

For our ACS Stone Tops, please use Mild Soap and Water to Clean with a Soft Non- Abrasive Cloth.  Counter Top Magic will bring back the shine your tops. Most tops a mild soap and water will do.  Fiberglas and other composite plastics may require a car wax to protect them from the harsh elements.

Aluminum Powder Coated Frames

Use a mild soap and water with a soft non-abrasive cloth.  Waxing once a year is highly recommended.

Click here for cleaning common stains on Sunbrella® fabrics.

Click here for cleaning common stains on Phifertex® and GeoBella® fabrics.

Our Fabric Cleaning Services

In addition to Designing and  Selling Outdoor Furniture and Accessories, We Clean, Maintain, and Refurbish Outdoor as well as Interior Furnishings. Our Cleaning Division Offers:

  • The highest quality solution in cleaning and disinfecting with service you can trust. 
  • Our goal is to make your furniture look new again.
  • Our cleaning program is designed to clean, protect, and extend the life of your furniture.
  • We personally inspect each piece of furniture for wear or damage and make a list of what you need to repair or replace.
  • Our products are Bio-degradable, non-abrasive, and safe for the environment.
  • We follow all the fabric mill’s guidelines on how to safely maintain their fabrics
  • We are endorsed by many factories in our industry
  • We now offer our services inside… We clean upholstery and carpet too!